Hidden Pet Fence

If you are looking for the perfect solution to protecting both your pets and your property, then our hidden pet fences are the best solution. We install invisible fences to protect your pets and prevent them from destroying your property.

Our Products

We have two major types of hidden pet fences. They include;

Indoors Hidden Pet Fence

If you have areas inside your house that you would like to be off-limits to your pets, our indoor hidden pet fences are the best solution.

Outdoor Hidden Pet fences

We install hidden pet fences in virtually any type of landscape be it hilly, slanted, on wood or even under water. By installing your hidden pet fences, we help you protect your property and maintain the beautiful look of your lawns.

How Our Hidden Pet Fence Works

We install a hidden wire around the off-limits area and then connect the wire to a control panel. So when pets try approaching this areas, movement is corrected by a gentle static.

Why use Our Hidden Pet Fence

Our hidden pet fence will help you in protecting your investment. It ensures that pets do not tamper with the areas of your home that you have heavily invested in.

We help keep your lawns and yard attractive. This is by putting boundaries to your beautiful flowers and plants so that pets do not mess with them. This way, your home can always retain that appealing look.

Our hidden pet fences are a cheaper solution to controlling your pets and keeping them secure. With our hidden pet fences, you are saved of the costs of installing traditional fences.

Hidden pet fences are very convenient. Unlike, traditional fences, with our hidden fences your movement is at no time hindered. The fence only affects your pets’ movement.